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The weight-rate is calculated as a multiple of the cost of an item.  

Angel's Trendsetters do not ship internationally.  Orders without a United States address will not be accepted.

Angel's Trendsetters do not store inventory onsite; all shipping is done by  shipping handlers.  Once purchases are made, Angel's Trendsetters then has no control of delivery carriers.  We ask that you wait patiently for your items to ship and deliver.  

Any items not received in appropriate delivery time can be refunded after procedure for refunds/returns are done.  Please refer to the refund/return policy for further information.

Tracking numbers are not given but Angel's Trendsetters vows to keep all customers informed of their shipping item(s).  Customers are not obligated to pay any additional fees for tracking.  Customers will however need to check his/her email for updated information on their item(s).  

All customers are responsible for checking lengths of shipping times in the item description/specifications section on the item viewing page of Angel's Trendsetters store page.  


Angel's Trendsetters has no control over shipping delays caused from natural disasters nor during holiday seasons; therefore, if ordering those times specified, please note that there is already a guaranteed 1-2 extra weeks for delivery of purchase.  

All information for orders will be handled through the Shopify, Inc platform; therefore it is the customer's responsibility to check their email for updated information on shipping.  Questions concerning any items ordered from shopping boards, such as Google Shopping, Ebay, Amazon, Paypal, etc. can not be answered on those sites.  Customers must contact customer service at Angel's Trendsetters.  Please submit questioning and concerns to or their Blog.