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About Us

Welcome to where we are working hard to become your one-stop online retail shop.  Angel's Trendsetters offers a variety of jewelry, watches, and accessories. 

Who We Are

We are an online company operating within the Southwest region of Louisiana.  We are a family owned business working to provide customers with different ways to accessorize their daily trends.

Angel's Trendsetters is dedicated to making your shopping experience easy and affordable, and offers secure payment methods.  

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns, you may email us at: or call @ (337) 943-0756, leave a brief message, and someone will respond through email within 24 hours

Blog  (click here for more info)

A blog has also been set up for your convenience, but know that blogs that are degrading in any way will not be made public for others to see.

All contacts will be responded to within a 24 hour period.  

    Shipping/Handling (click for more info)

    Free Shipping - any shipping rate that has been discounted only by the seller.  The buyer is not responsible for shipping rates.  Shipment is normally sent between 12 to 20 business days based on location,  order-processing time, and inventory.

     Flat-rate Shipping - a lower shipping rate made within the US, is normally sent 12-20 business days based on location, order-processing time, and inventory.  


    ****The process order time is time required to perform quality checks on all purchases made.  Quality checks are performed for the sole purpose of guaranteed service and proper shipping and handling, to which ensures customer satisfaction.  

                               Processing Time + Shipping Time = Total Delivery Time

    Processing times include the quality of supplies and inventory

    Returns and Refunds (click for more info)

    Refunds are available only after proven items were damaged or never received.  Check the refund and return policy for further information on reporting problems with items and refund requests.  It is however in the discretion of Angel's Trendsetters to issue a refund.  Due to the circumstances of the transaction another item can be sent in the place of item originally ordered, if item never received and original item not in stock or customer accepts exchange.  Depending on the nature of the situation of complaint, Angel's Trendsetters will provide investigation on every complaint and follow-up thereafter.



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